Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Moments

I woke up extra early today, 7:30 to be exact (believe me, for summer, that is unacceptable. Kidding). First thing I did was turn on the TV to watch the World Cup. Seriously, I really like soccer, and if I could I would play every day. That was pretty much my whole morning/early afternoon.
Later I helped my friend (Andrea) with some serious business ;D (for this local event coming up very soon). I went to Bible Study with Andrea that night. That really helped me because it brought me back to earth. It's almost the same feeling that I get when I hear a critical bad news that sets my priorities straight, and I realize that my dilemmas before the crisis where not as big of a deal compared to the events taking place. Am I making sense?
Pretty much like saying "Don't take things for granted".
It was a life lesson. =]
Daily Pictures:

My "exercise" for the day; walking to my friend's house.
The World Cup is taking over my life. haha

What?! October is almost here? Nah, it's just Hobby Lobby.

The day was partly cloudy (again).
Luckily we did not have any floods.

Soy Bean Freeze from Metropolitan. Yumm

Sweet carved picture. It's true.
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My talented and creative friend; Andrea
It's very hard to hold the moon!

World Cup


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