Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweeter than sugar

Hello from DC!
I've been on my spring break this past week. What better way to spend it than in Washington DC?
If you are curious as in to why I am in DC, no worry, I will explain.
I came here for multiple reasons:
  • Visit family
  • College visit
  • Senior Project
  • Fun
Senior Project? Yes, as a senior in my tiny school located in the middle of nowhere, every senior
has to complete a senior project on a topic. My topic was "Becoming a Pastry Chef". I have to type an essay along with a research paper, and at the end of the school year, I have to present it. Before I bored you out (hopefully you are still reading this), I took the opportunity of the location to visit pastry shops. Oh boy did I eat lots of cupcakes and canolis. Not that I am complaining because it was delicious.

This blog helped me find this cupcake store!

Bakery & Communal Table restaurant in Pennsylvania Avenue.
Veggie Soup.

Gluten Free Cupcake from Hello Cupcake located in Dupont Circle.

Vegan Cupcake from Hello Cupcake located in Dupont Circle.

Frozen Yogurt from Ice Berry in Georgetown.

Thanks mom for the support and trip!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Procrastinators meet next week!

Como estan todos? Yo estoy un poco estresada porque tengo un monton que aser pero no tanto tiempo. Disculpen por todos estos dias que an pasado sin que yo aga un nuevo post. Si pregunatn proque algunas de mis palabras no estan tipiadas bien, es porque ya no se como escribir en espanol. Ayayay.


If you understood what I wrote above, then you definitely get a golden star! :)
For those who did not understand my jibberish, I attempted to type in Spanish. You would think I would be a pro since I was born in Peru (new fact!), but no. After 9? years of learning the English language,my Spanish knowledge has faded away.

I wanted to apologize for the delay of my latest blog. To say the least, these past few weeks have been busy. As a summary, I would like to share some of my thoughts:

  • "Biggest Lesson" of the week: Lesson #249: do not wear the jean that is sitting on top of a basket, there might be a reason why it's not in your drawers! For ex.: hole :|
  • "Creepy/Scary Moment" of the week: Misunderstandings can lead to nasty words. =\
  • "Lucky Me" of the week: When all doors close, check the the window because chances are, it's open :)
  • "Failure" of the week: skipping the procrastinators meeting because I was too lazy. ;)
Kodak moment(s):

Kansas landscape

Don't be fool by the look, it was not good!

Non-dairy cheese pizza with black olives

Curry tofu with vegetables.
It taste better than it looks!

Cruising through the city of Wichita.