Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life is a climb

AWESOME! Today I got my housing information for my freshmen year in college. I will be roommates with a stranger. Is that weird or what? Hopefully she is nice :)

As usual, I watched most of the soccer games, but I tried my best to not become a couch potato. Those were the good old days, where I could eat a whole medium cheese pizza from Dominos and not gain a single pound. haha
In the afternoon, I finally got the will power to go jogging. It was fun! The hardest part was leaving the house, but after a few minutes I was just in synced with my sister's playlist. Dee doo dah.

One of the many grain elevators in town!
Someday, I will take a picture from the top.
Jogged to the "yellow brick road" and decided to take a picture. Just in case I forget to snap a picture before I leave Kansas.

So glad it stopped raining or else this would not be good for the hospital (the building in the background).
By the way, this is not a lake.

Humongous ______ (AH I forgot what they are called).


I missed the actual sunset, but I think this could replace it.

A year and a half ago, my sister and I filmed this video in response to this band we liked. :)
Sadly they are not together anymore. The band was called Push Play.


Sweet goal kicks!

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