Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yellow Balloon?

Above my head, I saw a yellow, oval, latex floating in the air. While I saw the little girl hold the string that connected to the unfamiliar three-dimensional figure, I realized that it was a balloon. I was 5 and amazed. While everyone around me celebrated kindergarten graduation, my attention was on that big yellow balloon. As I attempted to reach for the string, the girl took a single turn to avoid my hangs from touching her precious balloon. It was only then that I realized that I had to fight for it. As I made a run to tackle the girl, to both of our dismay, her hands let go of the string from my sudden movement. From the ground, we both intently watch the big yellow balloon rise to the skies, and it was only then that I realized that I would never see that yellow balloon again. Reminiscing through the story made me agnize the resemblance I shared with the balloon. It technically designates myself character as a student. Therefore, I, Amy Fitzpatrick, believe to be a Yellow Balloon.

As describe in Physics, in order for something to “float” in the air, it must weigh less than the air itself. A balloon needs helium, in order to float in the air. Now, why would I explain this to you? Well you see, metaphorically I see the Helium as good knowledge. When you fill an empty balloon with Helium, it not only expands but rises. When I go to school and learn something new, I expand in knowledge that can benefit my future. The quote “The sky is the Limit” can support my idea and beliefs. When a balloon is filled with a gas like helium, otherwise known as good information, it can rise. Just like the balloon, I see myself rise when I expand my resources. I think of these resources as my goals in life. When I set my goals, I try to reach for them, even if they are bigger or “far up in the sky”.

Colors are use to add a detail on any noun because they have a hidden symbol or meaning. The color yellow signifies joy, intellect, and energy. If I was to be a color, I would be yellow. You see, like the color yellow, I try to keep a positive attitude towards school and at home. With my optimism, it’s hard for me not to always ask questions, in other words, I keep myself intellect. I believe that a person’s favorite color describe who they are as a person, ironically enough, my favorite color is yellow.

Even though most of my comparisons to a yellow balloon are intellectual, there are some bad qualities that a balloon and I both share. As easy as it is for a balloon to expand in size and rise, it is also very delicate. If a needle or any sharp object was within touching distance, the balloon would burst. Like a bursting balloon, I myself have some disadvantages as a student. In my years that I spent in High school, I have experience the highs and lows. The highs would include good test scores, amazing understanding skills, and entertaining classes. The lows, in the other hand, include dreading classes, piles of assignments, and strict teachers. All accumulates to a very stress “me”. Unfortunately, I don’t handle stress well and like a balloon, I would burst into a breakdown. By a breakdown, I mean “It’s the end of the world and I won’t make it!” situation. We all have fears, and for me, that sharp needle or as I like to call “bad karma” is my weakness.

As I recalled the past incident that led me to my own personal metaphor, I realize that even if I theoretically share some characteristics with a balloon, in reality the balloon and I are nothing alike. If the balloon would burst, it would’ve been extremely hard for it to be fix. When a balloon is filled with Helium, it can only expand a certain amount, and even when the balloon rises through the sky, there is always a limit. For me, there is no actual limit to my knowledge, if I burst I can always try again, and if I try hard, I can rise pass the sky.

and that is why I named my blog Yellow Balloon.

No worries, none of my actual blogs will be worded in such detail and essay composure! After all, I just want to say WELCOME to my blog, where I will right just about everything and anything that appears in my head.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!! love it :)

  2. I read this and I think if you think there is no actual limit to your knowledge, then you forgot you are human. We cannot trust in our own understanding either, what might be correct to the world is not to Him. "Do not rely on you own understanding. Trust in the Lord."