Sunday, February 21, 2010


Is it just me or does watching the Winter Olympics really make you wish you could be that extraordinary in a sport like skating (or in general)?
Because we had such a cold weather for the past few days, everything was cover in ice. My instincts were to skate outside and imagine as if I were a professional ice skater. So this afternoon, instead of staying warm inside, I went outside to play in the ice.
I felt like a kid again. :)

Here are some other pictures from my afternoon adventures in my neighborhood:

The frozen car

Exploring through town in the lovely weather.

There is a really famous blog from a guy (Running from Camera) who takes pictures in random places.
His idea behind it is to run as far as he can within 2 seconds. I decided to try it, but did not go that far. I admire his sprinting skills! haha

Failed. Forgot to put the 2 second timer.

My 2nd try. Did I go farther in distance? Hmm.

This is what happens when you accidentally place your camera in a ten second timer... instead of two.
That's all.
*Yay tomorrow is Monday. :]


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