Friday, August 12, 2011

"Summer should get a speeding ticket!"

Quoting my friend Jayson. I totally agree.
It seems like June was just here, when I was coming home and flowers were blooming beautifully.
Kansas. Shouts "welcome home!"
Natural beauty
and then it was July.
The month dedicated to summer school and baking.
Attempting to create art from ingredients
Quinoa bars
August came in a heart beat. 
The month of greetings, packing, and farewells.
The Little Apple, Kansas
but this month is not over yet. Yes!!!!!!!!!

Precious moments: every single second
Celebrating the little things
To this spontaneous, adventurous, sometimes slow, and often times fast summer; it has been a blast.
The sunrise in Kansas. (Behind the dirty windshield. oopsie)
Grasias a Dios!


  1. I ADORE this. thank you!!! This makes me so pumped for summer. Gracias a Dios para una maravilla de verano!!!

  2. THIS IS AWESOME! I wish I kept up with people's blogs more often! I <3 you! My favorite is the last picture but they are all reallllllyyy great & the words fit wonderfully!