Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Early Rising

Some people are just naturals. Others can wake up early if they give it a try. And then there are those people...like myself, who really have to put an effort to wake up early (no naps allowed).

"A day feels well spent when I wake up early."
  • The feeling that your bed is the most comfortable place the moment the alarm goes off. Need some discipline.
  • The smell of breakfast and a cup of coffee can be arrange once you are out of bed. Fuel for your body.
  • Waking up at an awkward time between breakfast and lunch with an empty stomach. To wait or not to wait...
  • Staring at the clock at noon and realizing how productive your morning has been. Happy dance.
  • Waking up at noon and feeling like the day is almost over. Leaving tasks for tomorrow...
  • The ability to take a walk on a fresh summer morning to watch the sun rise. First thing first; God. Fuel for your soul.
  • Waking up late and staying indoors to avoid summer heat simultaneously the beauty of nature (unfortunately). Time is precious.
That came from personal experience. 
No matter whether we are morning or night people, there is always a way to accommodate when we plan our day wisely. 
As much as I am trying to persuade you to set your alarm at the crack of dawn, I am also trying to persuade you to let your body and mind rest if that means sleeping in until __(insert time). 
Scattered storms in the morning. What a sight!

I think it is more appreciative to sleep in after a long week of work, than to sleep in every day. 
Something to be thankful for.

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