Monday, August 22, 2011

Cherry Limeade Morning

Yesterday was not a bittersweet moment, if anything, it would be a cherry limeade morning (I know..bit contradicting). Bit the lime, drank the sweet lemonade, got goosebumps from the ice, and saved the best for last.
Cows are so cute!
There is something about airports and traveling, that makes interesting stories.

 So yesterday, I was at the airport and...

On my first flight, I met this guy who was sitting next to me. You could tell he was a morning person. I will call him Mr. Encouraging because that was all he did. The whole flight he just kept encouraging me to work hard and finish school. So to Mr.Encouraging, if you are ever going to read this, thank you!

On my connection flight, I discovered what it was like to be on an airplane back in the days. You see, I was on an Boeing S80 model airplane. What made it so special? Seating in the last seat next to the engine that went ROARRRRRRR. The whole ride I closed my eyes and tried to imagine as if I was riding in one of the first airplanes ever made.

Once arriving to my final destination, I prepared myself for the hardest part: Transferring four different size luggage to the train station. That was some strategical moment for me. With a couple of sweat drops, failed attempts, and a couple of elevator rides,  I made it to the train station. This leads to my second to last story...

At the train station, I met Mrs. Tanzania. Whatti whatta? I didn't know either let me explain. She was born in Tanzania and recently moved to the US of A for her masters program. She was one of the two people that helped me with my bags during the train ride. What a lovely lady and a hard worker too. Her working shifts were at night and in the day time she had school. I have come to realize that I cannot complain about my weekly schedule ahead after knowing someone else circumstances.

Last but not least was the ride to home away from home. Thanks to my friend Mark, I was able to save money by switching to Geico...I meant... by not having to take a taxi. I made it! Wooo. Although I did not have much to thank my friend/driver Mark and my friend Megan, I have promised to make them home-made cookies.

Sad to say farewell to friends and family. Really. Excited and nervous for school. So thankful to God that He brought me back to school safe with new lessons along the way!

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