Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cookies, cupcakes, and everything sweet!

Sometime in the future, I want to save enough money to travel to undeveloped areas in the world for service work and bring home-made delightful treats for the people.

Rationalizing to what people in other countries need the most, cookies and such do not even classified in the list, but I think that everyone should have the chance to try a cookie at least once in their life. It just makes life sweeter.

Food brings people together.

I know that when I have gotten a homemade treat from a friend, just the thought of someone putting time into baking from scratch made my day.

People sometimes send cards to help people heal emotionally, so maybe sending cookies to those in need can help them too?

This probably doesn't make that much sense, but I think that a way to show love to others is to share. I don't mean to go back to first grade lessons or Barney episodes, but it is fascinating how one act of kindness can change anther's persons attitude about life. The simple things like when a person holds the door. Specially in this century, where sometimes, acts of kindness are rarely seen (sadly) in certain locations.
Una nina bonita
Maybe one day we can bring people who enjoy baking or want to learn and have a good time and create a large batch of sweetness from the heart. 
Learning to cook from the amazing chef, Yuris

 There should be a motto, like:

One batch for life?


I am out of ideas.

We could expand ideas about what kind of treats we could bake.          *Insert Happy Dance*

If people have special dietary need like lactose or gluten intolerance, we can altered the ingredients!

Have a little note inserted in the pastry with a scripture or a little note saying "Faith, Love, Hope" in different languages.

This are just thoughts for the moment, hope and pray this can work out in the future!

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