Monday, June 27, 2011

Over the sun

Trials are part of life.
Its a challenge to make us stronger.
Sometimes, it just seems impossible to overcome them.
Overwhelmed, frightened, and stressed.
Did I mention anxiety?
But, like always, it does get better.
Sometimes they come and go in a heart beat.
Other times, it's the total opposite. Where the problem just seems to stick with you for years.
There are always exceptions.
For example; a person dealing with type 1 diabetes is not in control of obtaining it and curing.
Sometimes, all we can do is pray and altered our lifestyles to whatever trials are sent our way.
That doesn't mean to stop your engine, and let the wind move you.
It doesn't mean to do the least amount of work while letting time pass by.
It means, that you must face your trial.
You must prepare and warm-up for the race.
You must line up at the starting line and follow rules.
Because shortcuts only lead to more trials.
And when that shotgun rings.
You must give it your very best and remember to run a smart race.
This race is different though.
You are not here to get first place.
Nor are you here to get a time limit.
You are here to finish what you started, at your own pace.
In this race (trial), you will be running with people of all sizes who are facing the same challenge.
Do not be discourage when you hear that some people have already finish the race while you still have a long way to go.
Most importantly, do not think less of yourself.
I know it is hard, but at those times, you are probably very thirsty and might be thinking of stopping for bit.
Do not stop though, all you really need to do is hydrate yourself.
With pure faith that is.
I have one more thing to say about this race.
The sidelines will most likely will always be filled with optical illusions that are there for distraction.
If you ever glance at the sideline, think of a dog chasing its tale and keep moving forward.
What about the finish?
I am sorry, but I cannot write it for you.
All I can do is give you a tip.
Pray and do not give up.

I wrote this the day after receiving my second exam back. Challenged: accomplished. I thought that maybe if anyone is ever in need of motivation, that they could read this to not lose hope. I was very scared to get my exam back because I did not do so well in the first one.

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  1. I definitely needed to read this after my first Spanish class today - SO INTIMIDATING!! Thank you for always posting things like this when I need them most.