Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5:30 am

That is the time I am suppose to wake up . It's part of my summer goal: To wake up around 5:30 and go jogging (Only on weekdays). Why so early? I have a morning class, so I might as well attempt to be a morning person. :)I made a very filling breakfast consisting of gluten free pancakes and coffee. Here is quick look:

I used Maple Grove Farm's Gluten Free Pancake mix. Surprisingly, it was cheaper than some of the regular pancake mixes sold at my local store.
There is a trick to cooking these yummy treats. You must have your stove in low heat or else they turn to charcoal looking disks. NO LIE!
This is a pie in-the-making from the same day.
(I felt like adding some red to this post)
Food art. XD

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