Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trusting God in the desolated times

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"and I will not forget that you hung on the Cross. Lord, you bled and died for me. 
and if I have to suffer, I know that You've been there, and I know that You are here now. "

"Even when my heart is torn, I will trust you Lord. 
Even when I feel deserted, I will trust you Lord. 
Even in the darkest valleys, I will trust you Lord. 
and when my world is shattered, and it seems all hope is gone. 
Yet I will praise you Lord. "

In times of suffering, it is truly hard to see the beauty in our life. Yet, there is so much beauty to be found in the midst of suffering, and in ways these are the times when we can come closer to knowing God and offer up our pains for the souls of others. 

As hard as it for me to acknowledge this sometimes, I pray that those in the midst of suffering can attempt to find truth, beauty, and goodness in the midst of suffering. 

You are not alone in these trialled times. God loves you so much!

Even if you can't see that or feel a hint of that, I hope that you have that seed of faith that will soon blossom to something so big and beautiful. 

Jesus, I trust in You. 

and because some of us like "recipes" for dealing with things: 
  • Pray 
    • Let this suffering be in your prayers as an offering for special intentions
    • Sing, kneel, or just sit on a pew. There is no recipe for this, God wants you as you are.
    • "Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at his disposition, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts." - Blessed Mother Teresa
  • Attend Daily Mass
    • Don't be discouraged by your emotions to prevent you from going. God loves you, knows you, and wants to heal you. Let Go and Let God.
  • Visit Adoration chapel (or just a chapel)
    • Again, don't be discourage of passing this opportunity because of your emotions.
  • Console with loved ones (do not bottle things)
    • This applies to everyone differently, but do not let yourself sink from this suffering. 
  • Go to Confession
in a lighter tone, here are things to do:
  • Be with friends and/or family (if you are ready)
  • Serve others (you have a gift that can be given)
  • Be outside (running, walking, biking, etc)
in a lighter lighter tone....
  • Go to a Petland and play with puppies! (They let you play with them for free)

This puppy was adorable! She was so melancholic at first, because she just wanted to lay in the ground and put her head down. If I could keep her,  I would name her Eeyore. I joked that she empathize with me. It brought a joy that she became playful after lots of petting.

Lastly, I would say that there are good and bad ways to deal with suffering. I pray that God grants you the ability to distinguish between the two. 

You are loved!


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