Saturday, October 17, 2015

Big Kid Little Kid Stuff

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Have you ever felt so stressed/anxious/scared that you felt like you were going to throw up and faint?
Nope, never! 

Kidding. It actually happened recently, and it left me disheartened. 

Little kid moment: Quit. Call it a day. Leave the problem. Take a nap. Take the "fun" route. Watch a movie.

Big kid moment: No snooze. Confront the problem. Carry our Cross. Coffeeeee (:P). Take the "no fun" route.

The stuff. ah. 

Recently I had my first big kid interview

The day of my interview, I had the opportunity to go to Mass. The homily was all about integrity and authenticity. To be honest (hehe), it is hard to not think of rehearsing a "great" answer that may not be completely genuine. Let's be real guys!

Happy October :-)

Good food:

May we pray through both consolation and desolation. "The Dark Knight of the Soul." 


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