Sunday, February 24, 2013

You've got a friend

Quick story:

This girl is so special to me. Her love radiated so much. This was taken at an orphanage in Haiti last Summer. Our mission group didn't know what to expect as we drove to an orphanage for over an hour across the border of the D.R. and Haiti. We came to play with the kids for the day and serve them a meal. It was their first time eating a sandwich! The kids were not sure how to eat it. And you know, you hear about all these stories of mission trips and how they are based on helping others, when in reality, its the opposite way around (or even full circle). Their tender love and kindness to us was such a gift, such an admiration of what it means to be a brother and sister in Christ. They showed us what it means to approach someone without judgement, without a label, without walls and just love. 

The modern world today can be so deceiving. Do I really love all those around me in the same way that these kids loved and welcomed me?


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