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Founded by Pease and Crayons. June is the month of 'sensible snacking'

"Along with a post full of your daily eats, tell us about your snack attacks and how you practice sensible snacking.  Feel free to tell us all about your favorite snacks, make some snacking goals for yourself, come up with a new spin on an old favorite, and even tell us how you sneak extra fruits and veggies into your snacking routine."
Well... today I had this for breakfast:
Toast a la crunch
Toasted rye bread, pb + jelly, greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, and pecans.

7 am 
 then for a mid morning snack, I had this:
Cheesy n' Crunch
Sliced mozzarella and baby carrots
and for lunch:
Spinach Banana Smoothie 
Inspired by Itty Bits of Balance.
Spinach, almond milk, frozen banana, sugar, ice.
Oats and pecans for topping.
the end.
Okay, not the end. I just forgot to document the rest. I am such a newby at this. Hopefully next week, it will be better.

For the record, I had a cheese and ham wrap later (hint of mustard and 'spanish' mayo added), follow by vanilla ice cream (shhh), and soon my family and I will have lasagna.

I really enjoy checking other blogs who participate with "WIAW" because they share not only good looking food, but healthy and creative as well. So far, the things I have tried have been delicious.

As I participate with "WIAW", I hope to change my junk-food college habits to better alternatives. Not to be taken as a strict diet, but rather to change the usual eating habits to choosing food that will rather help my health. 

I hope that in some way the posts can help my readers too. Foodies for life :)
Yellow Balloon-Amy

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