Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home and Food

Flying Home
The midwest is so beautiful. From the view of an airplane, one can see the green land and yellowish/brown crops.

Traveling home from the the suburbs of DC, after almost 6 months, made the flight more special.

Urban and rural areas are so unique.

If "Home is where the heart is." then my home is in two states. :]

I went to Walmart last week. In the frozen section they had a 'clearance' isle. I found two items that were each a dollar!

Chocolate Vitatops (4/box) and So Delicious Organic Coconut Ice Cream (1 pint).

I hope they keep the isle. I seem to find all these food blogs using items like these two, but it is so expensive to buy sometimes.

Papa a la Hancaina is a Peruvian dish made of yellow potatoes and the Huancaina sauce that is pour on top.

We had leftovers at home, so I added in chopped vegetables. I chopped a cooked potato and poured the sauce as the dressing.

This sauce had red pepper, salt cracker, 'queso fresco', 'aji amarillo', milk, and salt. I think that is all.

Ahhh  me

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