Thursday, May 17, 2012

Silly Thoughts

What if you could not smile for one day (dare)?
Imagine someone counting down the start.

I would laugh. No way Jose!
 Just a silly thought I had this morning.

Random occurrence.
A couple of months ago, at church, I was sitting in the second row alone for a little while before Mass started. I couldn't help but notice the old couple sitting in front of me. They were just adorable. The husband wore a blue jacket, while the wife wore a red blouse. A woman wearing a purple blouse sat in the pew across from us. The sitting arrangement was just perfect. From my view, I saw blue on the left, red on the right, and purple in the center.If I remember something from my childhood painting days, is that when you mix red and blue, the paint turns purple . Like the symbol of unity in marriage. Do you get what I mean? :] Ah so great!
Guess what else?! This happened during Lent.

Thank you God for the little things that can make a person smile. 
 If this made you smile. I feel like this post was worth being published. If not, disculpame.

Happy Thursday!

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