Monday, May 16, 2011

A Beautiful Mess

You know those days, where everything that you tried to prevent from happening just happens?

For me, this happened last Thursday when I slept through my alarm, threw random stuff into my luggage, ran like a crazy person to catch the bus to the airport, while forgetting my flight information. I ran clueless from airline to airline asking if my name was on the list for a 10:30 flight. Not only that, but accidentally leaving my only source of money back in my room which I needed it to pay for my luggage. With less than 30 minutes to my flight departure, a 25 dollar bill was separating me from surprising my mom back in Kansas. I had an emotional break down. I was a mess and I felt like there was no light in the tunnel. By breakdown, I meant, unable to speak as tears ran down my face, thinking "I am doom and life will never be good again."
But no, that wasn't the end.
Instead, it was the beginning of a beautiful day.
An elderly lady behind me approached the scene and payed for my luggage in a matter of seconds. I could barely speak, as I was still crying, but I kept thanking her.
She gave me a hug as she spoke to me in a soft voice:
It's okay. Things happened. If this would have happened to me, I would be glad if someone was there for me. Now let me ask you this; Do you believe in God?
The way she said was so powerful, it did not even sound like a question but something else, which i cannot describe.
She was like an angel to me. The fact that she turned my day around while spreading here faith was completely beautiful and like a miracle to me.

That is why I believe those unpredictable days (a.k.a err'day) to be taken in a different perspective. Although not every bad day is always fixed by others, we have the choice to fix someone else s.
Through all the flaws I made to call it a "bad day", it was still wonderful and beautiful day.

Happy ending? Yes. I made it to Kansas. I surprised my mom. (*Side thank you note to my friend Andrea and her mom for driving me). My luggage came...eventually. haha.
P.S. If you ever need a list of things to not forget when you fly, I would be glad to send you a personal message with my own list :)


  1. aiii pobrecita!!!! glad you made it there, it IS such a beatufiul mess!

  2. That's such a beautiful story that came out of such craziness. I'm so glad you made it there safely, and had help from an angel along the way.