Thursday, May 5, 2011


Have you heard of the website called 1000 Awesome Things?
I was trying to look up how to say "I love the smell of fresh cut grass" on Google, because I thought it did not sound right, and on the results I found this website!
That is how I check my grammar sometimes...

Here are a couple of things I agree that are super AWESOME:
  • #282 Sending yourself e-mails to do stuff in the future
  • #302 Grandma hair
  • #337 Getting buried under piles of heavy blankets on a cold night
  • #359 The wind (on a summer day)
  • #371 Seeing old people hold hands
  • #380 Hearing someone's heartbeat
  • #396 When the hold music is actually good
  • #410 Edible dishes
  • #430 Eating ridiculous things for breakfast
  • #443 Looking up while underwater
  • #449 Staying up so late that everything becomes funny
and a lot more...
I had to stop myself from scrolling.
Something else that is awesome: Nature!
Maybe I will make a list of awesome things that are not listed on the website. :)
I love how people share similarities on things they enjoy doing.

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