Tuesday, September 13, 2016

To the girl without a father

I pray for you.
I long for you to know your worth.
I pray for you to realize that you are beautiful.
I know that you may be confused, frustrated, exhausted.
Sometimes you may feel lonely, fighting the good fight alone.
and that you have to keep eyes on your back, to always be on guard.
As if in this world, you are unprotected.
You may have fallen into the trap of letting the words of the wrong man define you.
You may experience that deep sense of longing.
A long for protection, affection, through love.
My fear is that you fell into the lies that this world feeds on.
Or settle for a man that cannot see you as God sees you.
What could have first looked as assertiveness could turn to possessiveness and aggression.
Yet that spark in your eyes and that hole in your heart keep steering your sight.
and what you  deeply want is
just to see the truth.
and sense of courage
and to be in sync with the Spirit that guides your soul to the path of the Cross.
But at times, the days look dull.
Yet you pull a front face, while in truth, how delicate are your bones.
It is a fact, that growing up fatherless  can pierce a part of child's life. 
God please,
heal the souls of the broken. 
God is with you.
He will hold you.
He will protect you.
and He will always love you.

Maybe we all are like this butterfly that has a broken wing.
Nevertheless, beautiful creations. 
Only made complete through Him. 

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