Sunday, June 21, 2015

A recap


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Time flies. Halfway through 2015! I miss blogging. I miss recapping the little moments because I realized how easy it was to take it all for granted. In ways, blogging helped me highlight the little things.


Something I am thankful for this past couple of months have been learning so much about aerospace. Even trying to summarize the little things I learned in the basic categories of aerospace, made me realized how it is like putting your toes into a sea of water.

For example, a turbofan (picture below). Before, I would look at this and know that it is super loud and not fun to sit near it. Now, I still think it is super loud but simultaneously so interesting.

Watching touch and goes. Don't underestimate the power of the small airplanes :P


F is for fun, free, fitness, and food!

Last Fall, we got a Whole Foods in the city. I know some people have a negative connotations with organic stores for their prices, but I think they are pretty cool for their free events.

This is green goodness. Sweet and tasty!
They have been holding free cooking classes this summer. Last week, only half the people that signed up for the class actually showed up. We basically got a full meal!
Carne Asada. Corn tortilla. Fresh made avocado and salsa. All organic. 
 An awesome meal with an awesome person. The foodie in me...

 You know what is the best tip I can give anyone that wants to run in a track on a hot summer day? Find out if there is a sprinkler system, and if so, go running at the same time the sprinklers go off! is much harder to go down.

Wobbling legs


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