Monday, April 16, 2012

I thank God that I have met you


That the things that you live through are not meant to be burdens, but blessings along our path to Christ.
That instead of deepening our feelings of fear as we approach those bumps, we hold on to His word and let Him steer the way.
That the times when  we cannot see what is ahead, we believe in God's plan for us.
That even when we love the scenery around us in the present, we can accept any changes.

So enjoy the ride now. Cherish it.
Embrace the journey and all of its bumps.
Be thankful for them, for they brought you to many familiar faces.

As you sit and whatch the night sky shine.
Spend it with your love ones nearby.
If you are miles apart, kindle the love coming from your heart.
Do not let the time advance, without telling them your thoughts:
I am glad that we met, and that we will meet again.
If not in this world, then I pray that we meet in our father’s place.

The beautiful city of Washington DC

To all of my friends, teachers, and mentors. From the past, present, and future. I thank God that I had the honor of meeting you!
-Ahhhh meee

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