Friday, February 3, 2012

You've got mail

You know that sensation when you are about to open your mailbox wondering if there will be a surprise waiting for you inside? Though from the outside you look as calm as the cat laying near the sidewalk? Ha.

Skimming through all of the bills, ads, etc to find a handwritten envelope with a unique stamp in the corner. 

What could it be?!?!

Unique handwriting? Si.
Mixed color paper? Si.
A very familiar name? Si.
Very thoughtful words? The sweetest!

Mailing letters. A way of communicating. 
A way of saying:
 I love you.

Heart warming. 02/01/2012
Never miss the chance of saying, spreading, and giving Love.

I myself put it on hold sometimes. :o. Not tomorrow!

Time to go find some stamps. 

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