Monday, January 23, 2012

Back on the education track!

Stories? YES.

Summary notes of Winter Break (in Kansas):
  • If you end up at in south west Kansas, there is a city that smells like meat and factories. True story. 
  • According to my sister (a KU student), when you jaywalk in downtown Lawrence (home of the KU Jayhawks), the term used is jayhawking.
  • Watched "180" Movie
    • Side note: March for Life is today. More than 200,000 people marching for the lives of babies in the womb in DC. 
  • Spend a month with a baby and you will become a pro at changing diapers. 
  • My 3 month old niece can almost say my name. She has the "Ah" part correct, working on the "meee"...
  • Airport stores are pretty silly. In Kansas, they sell yellow brick road candy pieces.
  • Calling all coffee lovers to announce that there is such a thing as coffee tasting, it is called coffee cupping.
  • Made a 1-month marathon training plan. (Because two weeks from not running is long enough to lose muscle). 
  • Realized that "goodbye"s in an airport are heartbreaking. 
  • The rain cloud: Saw some of my friends back home for less than one day due to moving. 
  • The rainbow: Spent 3 weeks getting to know my baby niece. I thank God for babies.

1st day of classes: Breakfast of champions.
GF chocolate pancakes top with mini marshmallows.
I hope everyone has a lovely Monday!

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