Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Moving away hit me like a ton of (yellow??) bricks.
The moment my mom drove away, while I stood on the sidewalk, I took awareness of my surroundings.
My permanent home, at least for the school year. weirddddddd.

Maybe for some, going to college is not so drastic. It all depends on the circumstances.
Knowing that I am now responsible for my school tuition and any living needs, I realized that I need to make wise choices.

Life is not easy. The challenges can only make us fonder and aware of what we do have. As I continue my route towards a good education, I will continue to pray to grow my faith with God and take my roots everywhere I go.

This is a reminder to me as the writer, and to those who read this that sometimes we forget what we learned and have. It is hard to stay grounded, but not impossible. Thank goodness.

I want to thank the people that showed me the meaning of friendship. The ones who cheered me up when I was down, spontaneously greeted me with treats, gave me words of wisdom, and led me towards becoming a better Christian. My role models and my childhood friends.

Align Center
(Picture above: A scrapbook with letters from friends.)
After the move, this "book" has helped me overcome home sickness.

*Side note: My cell phone (LG NV2) expired. :( Goodbye, awesome camera taker phone.

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