Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am a big kid now

For the year book I had to answered this question:

Q: How have the experiences of the last year affected your life?

A: My last year of high school has affected my attitude towards many of my goals I have set towards my future. Through the past year I learned to not take some factors (like my grades) to the extremity. It is good to aim for the best, but is also good to understand and learn from the mistakes that might come along the way. If anything, I learned not to to aim for a gpa score, but to promise to try my best. With that being said, I learned to rearrange and rephrase some of my goals.

Like my sister told me a couple of days ago; "Nacimos en la vida para ser FELICES, no exitosos..." [ Success won't bring you happiness, happiness is only found within (yourself), you can't look for happiness, you either have it or you don't.]
And in ways she is right, sometimes I seek for something and sometimes I am not satisfy with the results. I have to learn to be more grateful with the outcomes.

(Rainbow in Wichita, after a tornado spotted 20 miles away)

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